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Weekly Cleaning

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Minimum booking of 3 hours applies.

What our cleaners can offer

General Dust-off
General Cleaning
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Make the Beds
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Standard Weekly Cleaning Tasks

  • Our cleaners will tidy up the kitchen and wash up or empty/fill the dishwasher. Then wipe the outside of kitchen cupboards and pay attention to areas with finger prints and hand marks. Furthermore, they will wipe all small electrical items including underneath those and tidy up the kitchen counters. The cleaner will check and wipe as required the oven and microwave as well as the fridge inside. Our cleaners will happily perform a deep clean of a fridge or oven, please let us know in advance and allow sufficient time to do so. To complete kitchen cleaning, our cleaners will remove cob webs, wipe top of door, wipe skirting, vacuum clean and mop floor.

  • To clean the living room our cleaners will mostly use a duster and a couple of micro fibre cloths. They will wipe all flat surfaces, dust off higher areas using a duster. Small and safe to remove items will be moved so the surface below can also get cleaned. Then using vacuum cleaner our cleaners will hoover underneath and between sofa pillows and tidy up. Large furniture on wheel may be moved only with customer’s instruction and if safe to do so. Table and chairs are tidied-up and wipe cleaned using a detergent. Before leaving the living room clean and tidy, cob webs are removed, skirting and top of doors are wiped followed by vacuuming and mopping of the floor.

  • Our cleaners will start by changing the linen (when required) and running the washing machine. This will allow enough time for the washing cycle to complete before they leave so the laundry can be hung. Flat of surfaces are wiped, cobwebs removed and fingerprints or marks are cleaned from doors and around handles. Then the cleaner will wipe skirting, top of door and make the bed. As with any other area floors are first vacuumed and then mopped.

  • Tiles around shower and shower screen are cleaned using a good lime-scale remover (provided by customer) washed down with the shower then wiped dry. Shower fittings and bath are also de-scaled and polished to shine. Mirror and sink are cleaned and then polished to shine. Any shelving units are emptied, cleaned and then items put back in order. Toilet and area around toiled, behind and sides are also cleaned using a detergent, toilet brush and cloth as required, then wiped and polished. Our cleaners will remove cob webs, wipe top of door, wipe skirting, vacuum clean and mop floor to complete the cleaning of the bathroom.

  • The hallway would be last area to be cleaned. Like the living room and bedroom cleaning, skirtings are wiped, flat surfaces are also cleaned by removing small items within reasonable size and weight, those are then put back in order. Areas around door handles on both sides and lights switches are wiped as required, followed by vacuuming of the floor and then a mop.

  • Many of our clients decide to add tasks that are not done by default. Those include ironing, folding, making the beds, running the washing machine and hanging the laundry. Other aspects of cleaning may include deep clean of fridge or oven as well as cleaning the windows on the inside (subject to access and safety). To ensure that the result of cleaning meets our high standard criteria, we ask our clients to inform us of any additional tasks and allow sufficient time for operatives to carry out the cleaning service.

  • By rule of thumb a 2 bedroom, 1-bathroom property with an open plan kitchen and living room should take on average 2.5 of general cleaning. This leaves the cleaner with some extra time to change linen, hang clothes, tidy up or do a deep clean of cupboards and fridge.

    For properties with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms we recommend a minimum of 3-3.5h service. This is to ensure our cleaning operatives have enough time to pay attention to detail and provide the excellent service we expect them to.

    Larger properties and on more levels, will require extra time, depending on amount of work. We understand some areas are cleaned on demand our schedules allow for flexibility in such circumstances.