Tenancy Cleaning Service

Comprehensive Checklist
Proven Expertise
Professional Teams
Monday - Sunday
From 07:30 - 20:00
Local Supervisor
Insurance Protected
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Professional Equipment

Tenancy Cleaning Service Includes as Standard:

Thorough de-greasing of Cupboards
Deep of clean inside oven
Cleaning on top of kitchen cabinets
Cleaning of sockets and switches
De-scaling of shower area
Wipe and polish all tiles in bathroom
Cleaning of windows on inside
Polishing of all metal and glass surfaces

Comprehensive Checklist

– wipe door/frame – clean skirting – wipe light switches – polish mirrors – wipe pictures – dust lampshades – wipe radiators – dust surfaces – wipe window sills – clean windows – polish glass items – hoover floor – mop floor

Good to Know

  • Our tenancy cleaning service comes with a guarantee. If there are any cleaning remarks following an official check-our report, done within 24 hours of cleaning, we will return and rectify.
  • Tenancy Cleaning Service does not include washing of carpets or upholstery. These are charged additionally at a discounted rate from our standard prices.
  • We will clean only inside of windows and frames. When cleaning of outside is required we will provide a separate quote for this
  • Our operatives will not wash walls or clean outside areas like balconies, patios or gardens.
  • Washing or cleaning of window blinds or shutters does not come as standard. Our operatives will quote on site for adding these tasks.
  • We use long reach equipment, however some very high ceilings, windows or storage units may only be cleaned using a working tower. Such equipment significantly increases costs.